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03/15/2017: "Quick Little Site Update"

In my role as site host, I was doing some server-side maintenance on the Citadel today and noticed that several years' worth of spam had accumulated on the theory submission page for The Yellow Orb.

That page has now been restored to the time when the last legitimate comments were probably made. From what I can tell, all of the comments made after that were spam, and I did not feel like sifting through hundreds of later posts to find any non-spammy ones. Also, to combat future spam (and therefore, future space-hogging backups made by the commenting system) I have decided to close the page to new comments altogether. Comments may open again sometime in the future, though I can't say when.

My maintenance work is ongoing at this time, so if you find anything else that seems off, please let me know immediately. Thank you!

Posted by Reeve at 09:42 PM EST