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11/12/2015: "Cloud to Join the Super Smash Bros. Roster"

The surprise announcement at the end of today's Nintendo Direct broadcast was something special indeed: Cloud Strife is coming to Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/WiiU. The trailer included scenes of Cloud, in both his original game and Advent Children outfits, fighting the likes of Mario, Kirby, Pit, and Sonic, and also showed off a Midgar-themed stage filled with summons, and Omnislash repurposed into what we presume is a Final Smash attack.

To see the announcement trailer, go here. There is not yet a release date for this DLC (nor any word on whether or not Cloud will get an amiibo figure), but as usual, we will keep you all posted.

Updated for standalone trailer link; thanks, Clidus!

Posted by Reeve at 05:58 PM EST


on Friday, November 13th, Bossanova said

Huh? of all people Cloud..
Now i need a Wii U -_-

on Friday, November 13th, IT Support said

Don't think I'd ever get tired of watching that omnislash ..

The summons etc look awesome

on Friday, November 13th, Scripul said

I was NOT expecting that! And I just bought a WiiU a few weeks ago. Sweet!