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11/07/2015: "Nobuo Uematsu is Not Working on the Remake"

In a streamed video interview with French gaming site, part of which is still available at Twitch, composer Nobuo Uematsu said that he is "not at all" working on the FFVII Remake.

Uematsu, of course, wrote the music for all of the pre-PS2 main series Final Fantasies, including FFVII. Him not returning to contribute to the remake project is disappointing, but we've yet to see what it means for the game's music. Presumably, the original game's score will be used, but now we know that unless something changes, it won't be Uematsu overseeing any new arrangements and/or recordings that will likely come about.

Source: Anime News Network

Posted by Reeve at 02:50 PM EST


on Sunday, November 8th, scripul said

That's a shame...

on Monday, November 9th, IT Support said

Jesus, that is NOT a good sign ..

on Monday, November 9th, fruff said

I do not have the highest of hopes for this remake. I really REALLY hope I am proved wrong...

on Thursday, November 12th, otherlurkingblue said

No surprises here. The likelihood of any new compositions in this remake is small, and there are many competent professionals available to remaster the original music.