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Updates | Update Archive | August 2015 | iOS Port of Final Fantasy VII, FF Portal App Out Today

08/20/2015: "iOS Port of Final Fantasy VII, FF Portal App Out Today"

Today, FFVII finally hit an Apple platform for the first time ever with its release on iOS. This version, a port of the PC port, works on both iPhone and iPad, is compatible with iOS 8.0 or later, and has a download size of 1.63 GB.

Additionally, FFVII iOS uses a "virtual controller" setup for the control scheme, and, more interestingly, features two new options to greatly streamline gameplay. These options are the ability to turn off all random battles ("event battles", by which they presumably mean boss fights and random Yuffie encounters, will remain), and a "Max Stats" command to beef up your party.

The price for this app varies by region, but at the very least we know that it is $15.99 in the US and 11.99 in the UK. It is available on the iTunes App Store.

Also available today is the Final Fantasy Portal App, an official news and information app covering all things FF. This iPhone and iPad app includes a point system that ties into your Square Enix account as well as a new version of the beloved FFVIII minigame Triple Triad featuring cards spanning the FF franchise. This app is free and also available via iTunes.

Posted by Reeve at 12:52 PM EST


on Thursday, August 20th, Mathew said

Does anyone know when the FF7 psone port will come across to the ps4?

on Thursday, August 20th, scripul said

@Mathew - Oct 16th 2015, last I knew.

on Friday, August 21st, Managed IT Solutions said

Mmm, this is really milking it at this stage!

I thought the PS4 version wasn't out until December?

on Friday, August 21st, scripul said

Yup, looks like it got delayed to "winter" 2015.

on Tuesday, August 25th, Managed IT Services said

15.99 in Republic of Ireland!