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12/06/2014: "FFVII Coming to PS4 in Spring 2015"

Today, Square Enix announced at the PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas that Final Fantasy VII will "return" to the PlayStation 4 in Spring 2015, presumably worldwide. No, this is not a remake, though it is interesting that this version of FFVII is based on the updated PC port instead of the original PSX release.

To see the official announcement trailer, go here.

Source: Anime News Network

Posted by Reeve at 09:10 PM EST


on Sunday, December 7th, Dimma said

PSX code was probably really strange. And maybe PC version has higher resolution on polygons, I'm not sure.

Trailer says "Journey to the promised land" and then "don't let Sephiroth"

Haha. Don't let Sephiroth! ?

on Sunday, December 7th, Soul Nomad said

The way this was announced was so funny.

Shinji: "Its been 17 years!" Crowd goes crazy as the logo comes up, thinking this is the remake.

Then the trailer starts playing. Turns out its a port.

on Monday, December 8th, Reeve said

Dimma: I haven't played any of the digital rereleases, but the (first) PC port by Eidos does look noticeably better than the original PSX one. I assume it's mostly the same graphics code (there are definitely not additional polygons or textures), but FFVII's always looked smoother on PC, particularly the world map.

Soul Nomad: I missed the livestream itself, but this gif gave me a chuckle.

on Saturday, December 13th, Dimma said

Ah sounds good! I think it's the same with PSX emulators where we can have higher resolution on the PC screen so the polygons look sharper.

on Friday, March 27th, IT Support Dublin said

No other news regarding an upgrade of graphics or on a new system?