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Updates | Update Archive | August 2012 | FFVII PC Now Available for Download (Officially This Time)

08/15/2012: "FFVII PC Now Available for Download (Officially This Time)"

The PC port of Final Fantasy VII is now available to download from Square Enix. Please keep in mind that this release, in addition to new features like achievements, includes SecuROM, a DRM scheme so loathed by PC gamers that Electronic Arts was hit with a class-action lawsuit when it was used for Spore.

The game is available for a promotional price of US$9.99/€9.99/£7.99 until September 12. After that date, the price will be US$11.99/€12.99/£9.99.

Once again, here's the link to the official site.

(via press release)

Posted by Reeve at 10:28 AM EST


on Wednesday, August 15th, Reeve said

I didn't include this in the post, since I didn't want to editorialize too much, but I would advise people NOT to buy this release, especially if they already own a copy (on PC, PS1, or via PSN). Not only is the regular price higher than on PSN, but the inclusion of SecuROM is a very troubling development.

on Thursday, August 16th, stylesd said

What is wrong with SecuROM? I also keep hearing people are having problems running the re-release on the PC

on Friday, August 17th, Reeve said

SecuROM has strict activation limits-- as in, you can only install a game you buy so many times, period. It also behaves in ways resembling a rootkit. Basically, it's an overkill form of DRM, and not a good thing to have on your computer. As an aside, some of the problems people have been having with running this rerelease are SecuROM's fault.

on Sunday, August 19th, ImMad said

Does anyone knows how to DL it for free?
I mean, I already payed it once for PS1, once for the PC and once on the PSN, I just wanna try this version, but 9.99euros for a game I already paid 3 times, f*ck them!!!

on Wednesday, August 22nd, Reeve said

Links to pirated copies of FFVII are not tolerated on the Citadel and will be deleted, so this is not the best place to ask :P

on Thursday, August 23rd, Craig Yeats said

Does the port display a better resolution? Or is it a straight port with nothing much updated.
From what I've heard square have been to lazy.
I seen the achievements that are in the game. Was not impressed.
I'm a huge fan of the game. Have the ps1 game and psn version.
At $5 I would consider the purchase but $10 for achievements takes the piss I think.

on Monday, August 27th, Just me said

I am glad I read the comments before downloading the game. I am not sure however, that I have enough memory on my laptop to support such a large file. My original copy of the game is so beat up, I was looking forward to a new platform. But I guess I will just go to ebay and such and get a new copy of my old love.

on Wednesday, September 5th, Ambigore said

Drats, why do they need to install DRM on an OLD GAME????

on Saturday, September 8th, Reeve said

Ambi: Not to mention that the original FFVII PC had no DRM whatsoever!

on Tuesday, September 18th, Ambigore said

I'm so sad about the DRM. I reckon this game would do extremely well on a place like GOG.

on Thursday, December 6th, Add-man said

How sad. I do believe this site is now dead...

on Friday, February 8th, Benzo mcqueeney said

Wreck it Ralph movie has in a central station graviti on the wall with the words "aerith lives!" On it. This doesn't have anything to do with the pc version of the game been released. However does anyone have any thoughts on this? Seems mental to pay tribute to the game in this way? Surely you would have the Turks walking by in a scene or something. Not this bold statement

on Thursday, April 4th, RGB said

Pity the site has gone so quiet.

on Friday, April 5th, scripul said

I know. I still check in here just about every day. I find so much nostalgia in this place.

on Thursday, May 9th, FPR said

I check in all the time, I love this site...but it is a shame there are no new updates....

on Monday, May 20th, - Providing IT Support from Dublin, Ireland said

I don't think the site is dead, there's no new content about FF7. Wait until the 25th anniversary :)