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08/07/2012: "Another Update on FFVII PC's Rerelease"

So it turned out that the downloadable rerelease of FFVII PC went live too early, and by accident. Thanks in part to the included SecuROM DRM, many people who bought it this past weekend weren't able to play it, and the game was removed from sale.

Square Enix released a statement today, in which they offered a nice apology for those inconvenienced customers:

This weekend, our teams were testing the product website for the upcoming relaunch of Final Fantasy VII on PC. While the website was being tested in its live state, a small number of people were able to purchase a pre-release build of the game. For those customers, Square Enix will be offering full refunds for the purchases and for their inconvenience, a free version of the classic Final Fantasy VII on PC when it is launched.

We want to thank our community for their continued support and excitement regarding the upcoming rerelease of Final Fantasy VII. We will have more information to share about the launch of this anticipated title shortly.

We will keep you updated as to when the game becomes officially available.

Source: Kotaku (via)

Posted by Reeve at 12:34 PM EST


on Tuesday, August 14th, stylesd said

its now live and avalible for download !!

on Wednesday, August 15th, Reeve said

A day late, but I got and posted the news; cheers ^_^

on Monday, May 20th, - Providing IT Support from Dublin, Ireland said

Still think the Qhimm project version is a better result..