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Updates | Update Archive | June 2012 | Square Enix CEO's Conditions for an FFVII Remake

06/26/2012: "Square Enix CEO's Conditions for an FFVII Remake"

An interesting tidbit has come out of Square Enix's annual shareholder's briefing, which was held today. When CEO Yoichi Wada was asked about a possible Final Fantasy VII remake, he replied saying that the company will produce one only when a new Final Fantasy game bests it, quality-wise.

Wada admitted that at present, the company is not making Final Fantasy games that exceed the quality of FFVII. If they were to release a 7 remake right now, the FF franchise would be done with, he said.
While these statements could be taken as high praise for FFVII, it has more negative connotations when it comes to current state of the Final Fantasy franchise.

Source: Andriasang - No Final Fantasy VII Remake Until Original Has Been Topped -- Square Enix CEO

Posted by Reeve at 12:18 AM EST


on Tuesday, June 26th, Dimma said

Wow, that will be hard! We are still in that "gen" where environment graphics are expected to look very detailed and therefore we get detailed corridors, so the budgets are not blown up. It's another type of games now than FFVII was - is it possible to top it from another league... or can they return to the old concept?

on Wednesday, June 27th, Daniel said

Im trying to get them to remake the game by giving them no excuse. If you are a Fan of any Final Fantasy Game and Mainly Final Fantasy 7 SHARE THIS:

on Wednesday, June 27th, just me said

It's a good idea Daniel, but what if they do not accept the money, then what?

I'm all for a re make, I just do not see it happening.

on Friday, June 29th, Daniel said

I dont think they would turn it down, i really want this to kick off.

THey wont remake the game till another one out sells it. That is near impossible, i think the main reason that they wont remake it is due to money issues. Surly if they are offered enough money to fund a remake then they would take it.

on Friday, June 29th, Reeve said

Square Enix is doing no worse than other big publishers at the moment, and it's not like they haven't had any big hits lately (Deus Ex: Human Revolution did very well for them). The main issue here is quality. FFXIII got a critical beating, and FFXIV's launch was a disaster. If this is the current state of the FF franchise, do you really want them to remake VII?

on Friday, June 29th, Add-man said

They will never achieve the greatness that was Final Fantasy 7. Even though I do not want to admit it, I dont see them re-making 7.

on Sunday, July 1st, Snipes said

I`m pretty happy to get a clean answer out of SE. Although it means we have to wait for Versus (which may be on new consoles given how longs its been) or the next title of FF on the next gen consoles, that is the only way SE can really hope surpass 7. Even though I think FF X was on par and in some cases better than 7.

Thanks for the news Reeve!

on Tuesday, July 3rd, Daniel said

FF X Was a good game as it was the first to include actual speaking characters. It was a good change. But i still really want to see a remake of FF7. After watching advent children it kind of made me want a remake even more. Great Graphics and speaking characters would make ff7 that much better. If they can make a movie and make a game like crisis core then they can remake FF7.

Please help me in this and show your support by spreading the word of my site.

Regards Daniel M

on Tuesday, July 3rd, DJ said

The feeling that Add-man described is totally the one I feel Square Enix wants fans to be tangled within. The tantalization! AND IT'S WORKING!

In the mean time, I agree with Snipes: finally an honest direct clean answer and that makes a strange sense to me.

But then again, I don't think any FF could outreach the godly nature of FF VII! AMEN u___u!

on Monday, July 9th, Tyron said

Me being a die hard final fantasy fan like most of you, would love nothing else but a remake, but, sad to say, nothing lasts forever, the final fantasy franchise will most probably die out, as we can see the latest games have not been giving us the same excitement as the previous ones, such as ff7.
I believe they will only remake ff7 when they feel that the final fantasy enterprise cannot continue, as they know how much support is behind the remake of this game. They know that this could be a key attribute in expanding the popularity of the ff series. Therefore they would not use this opportunity while the FF fanbase is still strong.
This is just a hunch but I personally hope that a remake is made as FF7 is and always will be the best game ever.

on Monday, May 20th, - Providing IT Support from Dublin, Ireland said

The remake WILL happen - it's just a matter of time.