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09/15/2011: "Theatrhythm Hands-On at Tokyo Game Show"

With this year's Tokyo Game Show underway, impressions of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for 3DS, which is playable at Square Enix's booth, have started to hit the internet. So far, these impressions have been mostly positive.

Check out these links for details on Theatrhythm's gameplay, music, difficulty, features, and more:
- GameLife - Hands-On: Theatrhythm Makes a Game of Gorgeous Final Fantasy Tunes, by Chris Kohler
- IGN - TGS: Final Fantasy's Glorious Theatrhythm, by Richard George
- 1UP - TGS: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is Cute, Fun, in Need of a Little Polish, by Jeremy Parish
- Destructoid - TGS: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is the best thing ever, by Dale North

Posted by Reeve at 02:02 PM EST