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06/19/2008: "European Limited Edition Crisis Core art book scans"

To coincide with the release in Europe and Australia tomorrow, the Crisis Core Images & Media page has been updated with a dozen scans from 'The Art of Crisis Core', a forty nine page art book that comes packaged with the Limited Edition version of the game. Scans include monster and background concept art, along with storyboards for the game's opening sequence.

Posted by CloudANDTidus at 12:47 PM EST


on Thursday, June 19th, Sam said

Thanks! I was worried that I couldnt see the artbook because I don't live in Europe.

on Sunday, June 22nd, Childlike Empress said

This is great! There's no chance I'll even be able to buy the game much less go to Europe so its nice to see screen shots and such! I can't believe its finally coming out now over there

on Sunday, July 6th, Curious C.E. said

Hi? Say I was wondering will the next few chapters of the Final Fantasy vii twisted fanfic be up soon?
Its been awhile....Sorry to be a nag.

on Monday, July 7th, CloudANDTidus said

Hey Curious, I can't post what I haven't recieved ^_^;

on Monday, July 7th, Curious C.E. said

Oh! I see!
Well, that's okay! I was just curious! thanks for letting me know!