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06/06/2008: "Another Crisis Core Collector's Edition to Hit Europe"

Jeux France has obtained an image of a limited-edition Crisis Core PSP package for the European market; it is currently unknown how similar this package is to the Japanese one. A price has not yet been confirmed, though the site estimates that it shouldn't exceed 200. Further details will likely surface on the newly-relaunched official site in the future, but in the meantime, check out the picture and the article (in French) here.

Posted by Reeve at 10:26 AM EST


on Saturday, June 7th, Curious C.E. said

Hi? Umm... I don't want to seem rude but when will the next chapters of Snow Puppet's Final Fantasy Twisted FanFic be up? I was really enjoying reading it? And I'm really curious as to what's going to happen next! thanks!

on Saturday, June 7th, CloudANDTidus said

As much as I like the look of that Crisis Core PSP, I really don't play mine enough to justify a new console purchase... sigh.

Curious C.E, four new chapters of Twisted will be online tomorrow.

on Saturday, June 7th, Curious C.E. said

Great! Thankyou for letting me know! I was starting to wonder.
I would like to play the Crisis Core game too, but I don't even have a PSP I'm afraid. Did you know that on YouTube someone has actually downloaded the cutscenes from Crisis Core with English Subtitles or I think in English? So for those of us lacking PSPs and money to buy them, if your just interested in the story you can at least look and watch it there? I love reading and finding good fanfics so I can't wait till tommorrow! Thanks again

on Saturday, June 7th, Sam said

Considering Square Enix's treatment of games it will probably be reported to some other console. Really interested in that artbook though.